FS Yomerica Spindustries Planet 9

Figured since I only throw my Gnarwhal and Yuuksta I should start getting rid of old stuff. Minimalism and what not

If needed, I have 7 more feedback on YYN under the name matt M.
I accept paypal. Add the 4% or gift works fine.

theres more of every throw if you click this link. I can always provide more pictures if you need.

Yomerica Spindustries Planet 9
Super Deep black anno, really cool logo, a couple small marks and a vibe that was normal on first runs. I love the feel of the ano. really floaty and fun throw.  $25 +7 for shipping

I also have an old carrying case with a ton of stickers on it, if someone wants it, I’ll sell it to you. Holds 18 yoyos with compartments for string, bearings, etc.

Don’t hesitate to pm me if you have any questions, and please please please make offers!

Thank you!

Yoyofactory x Turning Point Chaotic
Red and black acid wash, first run I believe. smooth as it gets. kinda heavy but its decently fast on the string. I love it. Its the opposite of floaty. Great throw, a few marks but it doesnt affect play in the least.  $30

One Drop M1
True classic that brought OD onto the scene. Silver. Smoooooth. Set of dings that don’t affect play.

Ill be leaving town tomorrow until monday or tuesday. Dont hesitate to contact me however I wont be able to ship anything out :slight_smile:

Hitman pro gone

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dingo, dv888, and P2 gone

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pictures in thread now

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should be able to get pics up of the shutter tomorrow now that finals are over :-\


Flash sale for today only!

Hey I’m interested in the superstar

Bump, M1 is gone

happy 4th! Chaotic is gone