FS: Yogi Chief, Black Cascade! LF: CODE 1/CODE2 (BLACK)

For Sale:
Onedrop Cascade (Black) - Mint, w/ Brass domes, OD 10ball bearing [And Box]

CLYW Chief (Yogi Edition) - Has a few marks, Nothing affecting play, and is still really smooth, w OD 10ball bearing [And box]

The Cascade and Chief come in a yoyo case, which has two places cut to hold both yoyos. There is a pouch to hold string, etc
I’ll throw in a Duncan Pulse yoyo, for giggles.
I also have a 75$ Gift certificate to YYE which i would be willing to throw in a trade.

Cliff! Any Colorway**
Black Werrd Hour ************
Black Nickel or Gold Werrd Sentinel***************************
Solid Silver (Gold) Werrd Irony JP************
RecRec Freq Wave****
Black OD Code 1***********************************************************
Black OD Code 2**************************

Pretty much any, just send me a message

Please don’t low ball me, just looking for an honest trade.