FS: Vulfgang, Valkyrie


Prices shipped to the US. Add $15 for international.

Trade wants: OYY NG1, Viszilla, 2WEI, Kilimanjaro Seven Summit, Bird In Hand (Script) 888

I’ve moved these last three to eBay.

Throw Colorway Condition Price Status
MYY Vulfgang Grey Mint with box $60 eBay
YYR Valkyrie Matte Blue N/M no box $120 SOLD
G2 Wolf First Blood Mint no box or extras $105 SOLD
CoreCo Diesis Sebby Mint with pouch $80 SOLD
TTT Rambler Green Orange swap Mint with box $60 SOLD
FD Cardboard Steamboat Blue Mint with box $60 SOLD
FD Canary Yellow Mint with card $55 SOLD
FD Stale Bread Cloudwalker Mint with box $55 SOLD
ILYY DotE1NS Orange/Black Mint, no packaging $120 SOLD
G2 Pelican Glitch Whirlpool Swirl Mint with box, no extras $120 SOLD


Plug for Vulfgang, it’s a really good yo-yo :wink: one of my favorite MagicYoyo models


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Also I just noticed they introduced a 7075 Vulfgang! :astonished:


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Hey man…do you still have the Magic YoYo Vulfgang? Is it still for sale for $60?


Yes, I still have it and it is for sale.

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Great! Would you consider selling the cardboard steamboat separately?


How does the Valkyrie compare to the Draupnir? If I remember correctly, the description on the Valkyrie page says they were trying to top Draupnir with this design.


I’ve never played a Draupnir before, so here is a quote from Jordan Blofeld, of Smashing Yoyos, comparing the two.

"The Draupnir is very fast, very light, very stable, very forgiving… it’s just very good at everything. Usually, for a yoyo to be this good at everything, it needs to be much heavier but the way the Draupnir is designed. it does it at 63g which is wicked light so going fast is effortless.

The Valkyrie is an entirely different beast. It’s not as fast, it’s quite a lot heavier but for that, it’s MORE stable, MORE forgiving and spins with more power."


I will most likely be splitting the bundle in a couple of days. I’m planning to list the Steamboat at $60, shipped to the US, if I do.

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But your post says pending? Who to?


Dang I gotta get my self a vulvgang!


These yoyos are posted to Facebook, Reddit, and here. Someone I am close with on FB has been interested in the Steamboat since I got it. I offered the same price to him and he asked that I hold it for him for a couple of days to see if he could get the cash together.

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Are you kidding me? Dam man…let me know if he can’t get the cash together…?


He paid me a few minutes ago, sorry.

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Great paid me too!

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