FS: VSOP Pure, Pistolero, HaTrick LF: Peak

I’m looking for a peak, especially 1st or 3rd runs. If you have one and want to sell it, PM me. Would prefer a mint one, but i can live with a couple dings. I would prefer to buy, but can trade or both.

Other wants:
Markmont Next PALMN or clear sodablasted
Here is what I have to Sell, Trade

HaTrick- Has one ding and one scuff on the blue side. $70 shipped

VSOP Pure- Mint with box, $90 shipped

Black Star grade Pistolero- Has polish rims and has a vibe, $40 shipped

I also have a set of RSM side effects with the black stacks and a set of blue dice stacks made by ricerocket. I’m not looking to sell these, so don’t ask. I will only trade them towards a peak.

If interested PM me and maybe we can work something out.

Christmas bump