FS: Viszilla, Code1, Steamroller, Droid, Viper Flux

Prices negotiable, please message me.

Henrys Viper Flux - Orange. 10/10 no box. Used briefly, maybe dropped once but no marks. Really fun yoyo, great for both 4A and 1A. 36


Aero-yo Droid - Green MIP(thrown once). Was blown away by how good this thing plays, real bargain. No aero bearing, comes with YYF spec. 32


X3 Steamroller - Ice blue #175. MIP(thrown once). Really nice colour 95


General-Yo Entheos - MIP(thrown once). This one is yellow with the laurel engravings. 80GONE

One Drop Code 1 - Lily Pond edition MIP(thrown once). 80 GONE

YYF Popstar - Half blue half grey. 10/10 Thrown maybe once. Bought two to get this colourway. Packaging on request. 23

Anti-yo Viszilla - 1st run Grey/black, never opened, never thrown. True MIP. 150

no pics, no trade - mgodinez edit…

[u]All prices are in USD

Free second class basic shipping in UK.

For rates to the overseas, discuss with me via PM.

Photo’s of any damage mentioned available upon request.

Mainly looking for cash(via Paypal), I will entertain trade offers via PM though if you have something special.

I think the prices are fair, but i’m open to negotiation.

Thanks for looking!



Entheos gone.

Code 1 Pending.