FS: Unparalleled Flash, CLYW Puffin / Sasquatch / Orca, G2 Marvel


Added Puffin for sale


Added Blizzard, Sasquatch, Marvel.

Significant discount for bundle dealzzz



(ClockMonsterLA) #25

$70 for a mint Blizzard is quite a bargain. I can’t really tell what the colorway is from only that one photo though.

(Thomas Bellotti) #26


35, 35, I have 35 right here, do I hear 40? 40? I’ve got 35 do I hear 40?

35, 35, going once, 35 going twice…


He’s gonna end up selling it to me, I can feel it :joy:


It’s teal to green fade, e.g.

(Thomas Bellotti) #29

35, SOLD!!(?)

To the gentleman with the one punch man avatar!

Wishful thinking :slight_smile:

(Jacob Waugh) #30

So sad I have no money.


$5 for the blizzard? It has engravings so it might be a little hard to get rid of so I’ll make you life easier :slight_smile:

(Rock Shouse) #32

OH my gosh! You Guys are absolutely crazy…Are you kidding me…Look at those discounted, no cheap prices on those throws? I mean they are insanely low,low,low…Yeah!
Ok I’m just gonna “rob a bank” and buy all those dam throws…at his prices too! Be happy to pay the low low prices h has…come on guys!


Coding knows I’m just playing. Well I hope he does… @codinghorror


Blizzard was sold, rest are still available for your buying pleasures. :kiss:

Added CLYW Orca for sale in a very unique colorway