Hey everyone, quarantines got me digging these things out. Believe this is my 4th phase of yoyoing on and off for the better part of 7yrs. Idk what some of this stuff is worth now a days and I don’t really mind giving away good deals. Prices include shipping

Overbought back in '14-16 and have some extra stuff laying around (Don’t ask about the Ti Peak lol). Everything’s MIB with their included trinkets (Photos, stickers, etc. )

MIB 1st Run Green Orca - $80 OBO

MIB 1st Run CLYW 2017 Worlds Edition Snow Lzzrd $130 OBO

MIB 1st Run Lime Sherbet Igloo $130 OBO

Separately, if you have old CLYW stuff like a Canvas, OG Peak, OG Avalanche, etc. I’m in search of stuff I’m nostalgic over. I’m open to trade or pay cash. Thanks!

  • Steven

would be willing to trade?

ill give you a pdx yo swamp monster and puff adder for the orca. they are both in mint condition

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