FS: Unparalleled Flash, CLYW Puffin / Sasquatch / Orca, G2 Marvel


Mint condition blue Unparalleled Flash (OG release) let’s call it $80? $70

Also a mint Puffin (latest version) with box, $55

Mint Blizzard (no box), $70 SOLD

Mint Sasquatch with box, $60

Mint G2 Marvel with box, $70

CLYW orca, $130. Has 4-5 scrapes on the rims, one small ding (that’s how it was when it was sold to me), but nothing too bad and mostly it blends in with the ano.

LF: Solid Color CLYW Summit / Puffin 2
FS: OD Overture, 2Sick Knight (Price drops!)
(Jacob Waugh) #2

What’s that bearing?


Crucial grooved if I’m not mistaken

(Justin Thompson) #4

That’s a beauty


You need this sweet bimetal in your lyfe

(Victor) #6

Agreed. The Flash is one of the best bimetals I’ve ever tried.


Got New years cash? GET U A FLASH!

Make me an offer if you don’t like my price. All I can say is HOW DARE YOU


Price :arrow_down: DROP

(Christopher Dougherty) #10

That’s a dope yo-yo!


5 WHOLE dollars and we have a deal


I’m upping it at 6




10 shipped? Sounds like a deal to me




$25 dang dollars


This just became an auction :joy:




He did say to offer :man_shrugging:

Aight I gotchu $30