FS: Turning Point, C3, OneDrop and Duncan - Pics and Dollar Prices added

Need money fast so PM quick!!


Turning Point Albino Max Bet - Mint as far as I can tell, absolutly amazing throw :open_mouth: £75 - $118

Mint Orange Dark Sonic - Plays super smooth, bearing needs lubing, but still amazing throw - £52 - $80

Purple Duncan Raptor - few scuffs, nothing major - no axle or bearing, new response though - when it had an axle it plaid great, so should still play great - Got an axle coming from Duncan atm so it will have an axle soon, Im sure I can find it a bearing once it has an axle £14 - $22

Grey Duncan Raptor - This one comes fully intact WITH and axle and bearing, lol - plays great, smooth - £18 - $28

One Drop Cafe Racer - Grey with a kind of yellowy fade,  and a red splash - plays very very nicly, actually surprised cause I was never really a fan of one drop, but this is actually a great throw £28 - $43

If you need some feedback I have lots of 100% positive feedback on yoyoz under the user sammyo, you may also know me as yoyomad1001 - I make a tutorial every day :wink:


Excuse the quality on the pics, did my best,

I think people would appreciate it if you put the prices in dollars. I’ve converted the prices for you and rounded them to the nearest dollar. I’d recommend you put them into your post to make things easier for others.

pictures? have one for all please

I’ll charge my camera and then then upload some :slight_smile:

Turning point albino max bet added and pics