FS Toybania Machination, G2 Elite, YYF Shutter, MYY Node

Hello all!

Listing some yoyos I don’t use very much. Price is PayPal, shipped from Atlanta, Ga, friends and family :slight_smile:

Mystery Fade (rainbow) Toybania Machination: it’s supposed to be like their Tings, which I haven’t played with. Very stable and beautiful, but I don’t enjoy the shape. No dings at all! Barely thrown. $100 obo

2018 G2 Elite with Brass Rims: Got it off Reddit, and also don’t enjoy the shape. Fantastic condition with no blemishes at all. Very solid, stable, catchable. I think I have the box and koozie as well. $80 obo

YYF Shutter: I just got into throwing this year, and I bought this and the node at the same time. It’s got a few dings (one on each half) but it doesn’t affect play in any way. 35 obo

MYY Node: As a beginner yoyo I much preferred this one over the Shutter! It’s great and beautiful. A few dings, but plays perfectly fine. $15 obo, or add $10 to something else and I’ll give it to you

ALSO got a dark red a/rt quail that is in perfect condition. Willing to get rid of it, but only for $170. Let me know if you’re interested! It is way more stable than a lot of bimetals. 20190824_140848 20190824_140631 20190824_140855


Up please :heart_eyes:

Buy me yoyos

Help me

:)!!! Help

Fielding offers n such

One more time :)!!!

i’m interested in the Node please PM me

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I’m kinda interested in the Machination. Will ping you directly…

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