FS: Tom Kuhn gloss Clean Machine, Doc Pop Icarus, Metal Yeti, Hildy Currier

Just looking for cash sales, not interested in any trades right now. Prices include shipping. DM me if you would like to get something, or if you have any questions!


Top Row
2008 888 - SOLD

HIldy Currier - this was a custom Currier I ordered, made from the oak staves of an old whiskey barrel, nmtbs - $50

Second Row
Doc Pop Icarus - unengraved, b grade for ano flaw in the cup, still smooth, killer yoyo - $45

Tom Kuhn BC Era Clean Machine No Jive - gloss finish, great shape - $85

CLYW Metal Yeti - mint condition, with box and all extras - SOLD


Motivated, would like to sell these

Yeti sold

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