I have a few throws up for trade. I am interested in trading, not necessarily cash, but I will consider all offers.

-SPYY Flying V. Excellent condition. A few TINY surface scratches on the rims. Probably from rubbing another yoyo in the case. Has standard C and Half C bearings, original box and pouch.

-YYJ X-Convict JD Signature edition. No marks, awesome yoyo. Standard bearing.

-YYF DNA, Green. Mint Condition. Stacks. Standard bearing.
-Original Playmaxx Turbo Bumble Bee. Scratches on the rim. A couple creases on the caps. New Corks.

-Duncan FHZ, Orange. Good condition. no scuffs, scratches. Weight rings installed. Born Crucial Grooved bearing. Subpar recess job, effective, but could be cleaned up a bit.

-2 YYJ Sunset NXG’s. Dark blue. Light wear.

Interested in full sized/large yoyo’s. Intersted in CLYW, SPYY, ILYY, and anything else neat out there.


Pics of the x con? Very interested.

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