FS/T- Near Mint Ogopogo w/ standard C Size Bearing - As low as $80

I have a BVM Ogopogo that i am willing to sell or trade. I will Sell for as low as $80 but i perfer higher and want to make it more of an auction like thing. It has one small ding on the blue splash but otherwise perfect w/ no finisihing flaws. A kid stole the CLYW box from me but i can get it if needed. The other thing is that the bearing is just a standard C Size, not a CLYW, which makes it spin longer. I lost the CLYW, but i believe this bearing to work much better.
Trades im looking for-
Peak (any and ill throw in up to $15)
maybe an 888
M1 w/ cash

I’m interested in trading my beaten up 888:P However, give me some time. A generous buddy of mine will let me borrow his ogopogo for a week, but I need about 3 days until it gets here, and time to try it out. So if your Ogopogo isnt sold by then, I’ll let you know.

Now, it isnt in the best condition - 2.7 ish
It is dinged and scratched a little, but myself and Connor can confirm that it is DEAD smooth. Really, dead smooth.

Aqua 09 888, with a nice and cleaned SPEC bearing, with extra K-Pads, and new ones installed in there. Pics will come soon.