Blue w/purple splash Skyline $95

I am selling an aqua blue w/purple splash Skyline. It has a KK bearing. The only problems that I know of are: The bearing is stuck, a new axel is needed (YYF sent some out with an 8mm axel instead of a 12mm axel), and the place where the axel goes is scratched. Plays Great. A very nice looking throw! The price is negotiable. I will entertain all trade offers. PM me reasonable offers the worst I can say is no!
Anything CLYW (except Campfire cuz I already have one)

B:S:T (422 KB)

B:S:T 2 (275 KB)

B:S:T 3 (344 KB)

B:S:T 4 (294 KB)

I’ll give you 90$, but I don’t want that piece of Gosu attached to it.

The item is still for sale. The $90 offering was a joke by that individual. Not sure why they would mess around in that manner, when most people on here are truly doing good business of buying, selling and trading.

Would you take 721 dollars and 82 cents?

all I got ya know.

Come on guys! Give me some offers!


Give me some offers.


would a bright pink small bearing Bassalope entice you?

Bump I have a good offer that is pending keep offering though!