RvsNM and Ogopogo BvM for trade/sale. P22 Added

so i have to do this, i am trading/selling my 2 BvMs, the Robot vs Ninja Moose is in mint condition but the ogopogo has a few dings a long the rims but nothing that can be felt. i also have a P22 which i will sell for the right offer.

the RvsNM comes with a KK and the ogopogo comes with a spec.

i will trade both of these for a pure XO or i will sell them so offer away on the cash bit.

only trade i want though is an XO so dont offer any other trade.

pics can be seen here http://www.flickr.com/photos/93235330@N00/ (sorry for crappy quality, took them with my iphone)

would you be interested to trade for my TFL88 Groovy LAdy?..

message me if you are interested…

read the whole thread before you type :wink:

how much do you sell for 1 Bvm(the robot vs ninja moose)???


About how much for the P22?
I honestly don’t know what to offer.

i paid $100 for it so i was looking for around $90.

dont let that put you off though because it is a plastic, it plays just like any other metal i have and is really nice. if you want the feel of a catch 22 but larger and at a decent price, this is what you want :wink:

I’ll have to think about that, I love Catch 22s but I might also get a peak, I’ll just have to see.

you know you want the p22 :wink:

really need the money soon guys so buy this stuff! ill cut you a deal!

Are you going to DXL?

nope, everything is gone now, sorry.