FS/T: Mint California, Color Change P2. LF: Yoyorecreation, Anti-yo, SPYY, ILYY


Prices are negotiable and include shipping in the US via first class mail. International buyers will be required to pay extra for shipping. All trades must be MINT. Please inquire via PM if you are interested in buying or trading. Do not PM me if you are not interested in buying or do not have one of the yoyos I am looking for. I will absolutely not consider anything for trade that is not on my wants list unless it is a godly offer.

The only trades I will consider are
Fury (PrePro)

MINT Blue YYF California. This yoyo is as mint as they come and plays great. $120 Shipped

Painted Color Changing P2. This P2 was painted by Brett (Ibanezcollector). When held in the light, it changes color from magenta to gold. It is truly a sight to behold. There is one nick in the paint and it is pictured. Other than that the paint job is flawless and simply beautiful. To buy this is $90 Shipped

Red/Black First Run Pistolero. This pistolero is from the beta run but is TOTALLY FLAWLESS and where else are you going to find a black and red one? To buy this is sold

A silk with a KK bearing that is dyed orange. The smoothest silk I have played. Has a few scuffs that don’t effect play at all. To buy this is SOLD

[s]Here is a blue first gen. nintendo DS. It has some wear but is in generally good condition and works like a charm. Will include charger. To buy this is SOLD

This is a silver PSP 3000 with a damaged screen. Will not include charger. To buy this is SOLD


That Pistolero is smexy…


i want that silk but idk when i can get the money

prob a couple days


some stuff sold. changed wants list.

(system) #7