FS/T: G2, SF, 2Sick, YYF, CLYW, + More

Trying to downsize some so putting up a big chunk of my collection for sale. Some of these yo-yos I really like and play a lot. With holidays coming the spare money would be nice. Not really looking for many trades but I’ll list a couple that might interest me.

Prices include shipping in US. International buyers pay shipping. Most of my prices are firm but willing to negotiate. Better deals for those buying multiples.

I can give more description on condition through PMs. Can provide more pictures if needed.

I’ll be posting a letter along with price

Condition scale:

M = Played but no damage

NM= Extremely minor damage

G = Few marks of damage

F = Many marks of damage


Metal Skyva: G $30

Cadence: M $60

Cadence: G $50

ND: M slight vibe $30

2018 Sasquatch: NM $80

Riverbay: M $30

Tako: NM $40

Pickaxe: Wouldn’t mind trading this for a different color. G $60

Base camp: F $25

Geck: M $60

Satyr: M $50

HaymakerX: M $55

Decoy: M $90

Elite: M $95

Acrophobia: Gone

Bliss CS: M, bgrade for some small vibe $60

Zephyr2: M $85

Bishop: NM $65

7075 Bishop: NM $75

Wind runner: M $25


Magicyoyo Rex

VTWO (Sunset Fade)

Surveil (Blue Camo)

Mowl M+ (pink/purple)

Atomic Crash


Really nice stuff here :heart_eyes:

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