Hey Gang, today I am willing to trade(or sell) :

Raw, polished Battosai. I think it has a flat spot, but I have trouble finding it. It’s a wonderful throw, but I feel that it is too light. 85 + shipping
Edit: I can’t find it at all. I think the polish took it off.

Also S/Ting

Its a Jensen kimmit/ Guy wright signed wodden yoyo. It breaks open sometimes while play :. But its more of a novelty.
The counterweights are LE signed by Steve brown.
And that is a b-grade g5 with a bent axel/ broken post. It’s soda’d and it comes with yellow stacks. gone

Im willing to trade for

Sasquatch or Avalanche


For the CW, if you buy me a 100pk of yellow or neon green YYN string, it’s yours!

…Or you can get me a Duncan Raptor…like that’s ever gunna happen…

No more random offers, I seriously want these yoyos O0 I lied, offer up! :smiley:



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Would you be willing to trade the G5 for a decent condition Envy 64? A few small knicks from 5A but nothing too bad… Plays well… Just needs new pads