1 day left or I'll just keep them - FT - CLYW BvsM and Battosai

What’s up my fellow throwers! I’ve got a couple of throws I’m looking to trade. I also have a One Drop Code 1 and Cafe Racer I would like to trade halves.

First off is the CLYW Bear vs Man Mint in Box. I’ve thrown it a few times and plays well. Really want a Lio.

Next is a Vs. Newton Battosai Near Mint no box. Has to 2 light anno defects. Plays nice.


ILYY Liopleurodon (Orange)
CLYW except campfire
SPYY Punchline Repeater Red with Silver Splash
General Yo except Ministar
One Drop
C3 yoyo
Rec Rev
Other cool stuff.

NO Yoyofactory

Thanks For Looking!!