FS: SUPER RARE YOYOs (Celtic 888/Rollout R1)

I have some very rare hard to find yoyos along with some not so hard stuff to find. Been busy with the new baby, and most of these have just been sitting around. Start off with the not so rare…


From left to right

YYF Pop star perfect condition: $30
One Drop Dingo perfect condition:$40
One Drop M1 Has some dings see pics: $40
Save Deth limited yoyo: $20
YYJ Andre Boulay Dark Magic :$30

Damage to M1:

Dif e Turmoil will include weight rings and original container. (perfect condition) $50

Duncan Screaming Eagle Modified. This thing looks awesome but plays like crap.
The air that moves through it slows it down alot. More of a show piece. $20

Shinwoo zen 6 (perfect condition) $20

Time for the rare of the rare:
Rollout R1 $150 includes original case (perfect condition)

YYF Celtic 888 $150 (perfect condition)

Will accept paypal, no trades for sale only
This is how it works, you send me money I send you yo-yo’s I’m an adult and not here to play games. Unless you count yo-yoing…

If you are worried about my reputation, just google “Scoobyvroom” I use this name on all the other forums I’m on. You will not find a complaint.

Thanks for looking!
If you think my prices are out of line please end me a PM.

Moved a couple out still have some left.