FS: Speed Freak, Houska Dry


  1. Speed Freak, one small scuff. Smooth. $50
  2. Housuka Dry, Has a small grouping of pin pricks but it’s still completely smooth. $35
  3. Yoyofriends Worlds 2018 shopping bag? Send me an offer, mainly care about covering shipping.

Shipped inside the US for free, extra charge outside the US. Add on 4% for Paypal fee or Friends & Family.



Time for a bump. Added some throws.


Still available?


The speed freak


Yep, I’ve still got it.


So sorry I spaced I asked about it. I bought a banshee, I’ll for sure get it if it’s still available in 2 weeks tho sorry about that I just spent what I could on yoyos for this paycheck


sounds good.


@codinghorror Please close this.


Remember I am the tech support here, not a mod, so you should be asking @vegabomb or @jhb8426 … there are other mods but I think they don’t come here any more? I’m not really sure. See https://forums.yoyoexpert.com/about

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