FS: Something Firmy- SOLD - please move

Firmy: Condition is Very Good, couple little marks, nothing serious.

Two very small spots, on the inside edge. appears to be a discoloration in the Ano, and and one small hair sized scratch in the catch zone. These were all there when i received it new from YoyoExpert.

2 very small little scratches on inside edge of cup, where it bumped my keychain, hard to see.
Original Konkave bearing, barely broken in, Box is included.

$48.00 with free shipping, US only. Paypal as GOODS.
Please PM me. No Trades


About me:
New to the YOYO forums.
I have purchased two nice throws, so far in the forums.
I have done some buying and selling on Ebay in the past (non yoyo), as rickster-suntech. I have 100% perfect feedback.