FS: Smashing Monocle, Spectacle MIB


I have the following for sale, all mint in box per picture

  • Smashing Interlagos, Birthday party, $75 $65 sold
  • Good Life Breeze, purple storm, $95 sold
  • Smashing Spectacle, wine (red), $95 $85 sold
  • Smashing Monocle, Birthday party, $75 $65 sold

  • Radical Seas Siren, pink/blue swap $45 sold

CONUS shipping is included, prices assume paypal friends and family. Discount for multiples!


Not your cup of tea(pun intended) or…?


Duplicates all, except in the case of the Breeze where it’s even a duplicate colorway!


Oh man the prices are so tempting.

(Jacob Waugh) #5

Spectacle and Breeze… if only I had money…

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Breeze is sold, all the Smashing stuff still up for grabs.

There are very few organic bimetals out there, so I’d snap that up if I were you.

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Get you some of this sweet Smashing action! It’s UK-tastic! :uk:

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Prices reduced for more selling actions!

Added MIB Siren for sale.

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Get on top of this excellent british organic yo-yo action… bimetal or mono, your choice!


pm for the spec …


I’ve thrown the spectacle and love it. Spins forever and is light and close to organic that I like , yet doesn’t really play like an organic - very good wide catch zone IMO.

Someone is going to get a screaming deal.


You guys ITS BRITISH… that makes it good, like fish and chips!


And it (probably) doesn’t even leak oil!

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Interested in trading the monocle for a minty nickel summit?


Possibly, PM me some pics!

(Rock Shouse) #16

Oh my gosh there they are…I’d trade my mint" Adavnced Scout" for those 2? Sweet!


Maybe! PM me some pics of Advanced Scout, I am interested!

(Rock Shouse) #18

Would be happy to send you some pics of my advanced scout…where do you want me to send them? Email or smartfone makes it simple fast for me…? Thanks…


Send me a PM. Click or tap on my avatar, then click or tap on the :email: Message button.

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