FS : SF, UNPRLD, Freshly Dirty

Ah man I really don’t wanna sell lol but I need the money😓. Anyways I have some gems for sale.
PayPal f&f or add fees pls
Add $5 for shipping CONUS

SF Motive Remy Baskin Champion Edition ~ this one is the hardest for me to sell cause it’s so nice. This colorway probably won’t be popping up in the bst anytime soon after this.
Almost mint with original pouch ~ I think it has one or two teeny tiny dings
9/10 smooth
$65 SOLD

Freshly Dirty Moldy Bread ~ mint
10/10 smooth
$45 SOLD

UNPRLD Elevation ~ super cool glossy colorway
10/10 smooth & minty condition (no damage)

SF Bliss glossy mossy colorway ~
9.5/10 smooth
$65 SOLD

UNPRLD Abduction ~ dinged up but still very playable (ask me for more pics)
7/10 smooth
$15 by itself or $10 add-on with purchase of another yoyo SOLD

Pls pm me if you’re interested or have any questions! Thanks!!


Bliss sold

~ glossy mossy bliss added
~ freshly dirty moldy bread added


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