FS: Throws

I’m trying to make room for yoyos. These yoyos won’t get any love.

Please add $5 for shipping

Pink/Red Winglet - Smooth $40

Gold Monster Edge- smooth $30

Orange Northstar - Smooth $8 (by itself) or $4 (with a metal yoyo)

Green with Gold Motive- near mint condition, smooth $80

Black SK - smooth $35

Green/black Duncan - smooth $8 (by itself) or $4 (with a metal yoyo)

Message me for more details on the yoyos and also, i’m willing to trade :grin:

P.S. I’m looking for SF STATEMENT, or Bi-Shutter


Ask Anthony Marshall on the Facebook BST - he’s selling a bunch of Bimetal Shutters.


New things added

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Hi, I would like to buy the black SF yoyos L.

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How do I pay?

Bump, new things