FS: SF CF Ceasefire, OYYxOD Eclipse


Going to only be playing fixed axle for 2019, selling a bunch. These are all great, but need to slim the collection, especially since they’re going to be boxed up for a year.

I am looking for a a/Rt Sparrow in Gold, only things I’m interested in trading for, have other items I could trade as well. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail with full insurance.

Let me know if you have any questions.

SF Ceasefire - mint with bag, gold. Photos in last post - $85

New TimCor Starfire - mint with original box, slim bearing and extra hubstack orings in the box - SOLD

One Drop x OhYesYo Eclipse - mint, half swap from the factory with original box - $60


Added a Quail


Quail Sold


You didn’t like The Thing?


Wasn’t for me. Delrin, with a large bearing, and slim pads. I didn’t care for that combo in a slim responsive. Didn’t try it with a full size C bearing unresponsive. But it’s machined great, super smooth. What I bought it for I just decided it wasn’t going to get used.

BTW, The Thing is SOLD :grin:


You didn’t like the Quail?


I liked it, just not enough to hang on to it.


Feel free to send me some offers. According to USPS, today (12/20) is the last day to ship to get items by the holidays. Will ship everything Priority Mail if bought today.




What is the story behind the Obsidian relative to the other 54 color ways?


The Obsidian finish is super rare. From what I remember only done on the 54 and the Markmont Next, with 20(?) of each being made. They are a nickel plated finish, then they did a chemical process that made them a really dark Blue/Black. The idea was to make them like raw denim, where they would fade based on play. Sort of a reverse patina, instead of them getting darker (which they will get darker in the light spots) they’d get lighter, but with areas that are are still dark. Like honeycombing or whiskers on denim.

Very cool finish. Was told they will probably not ever do that finish again because of how hard it was. Took a long time to track that down, always wanted the Obsidian Markmont Next but jumped on this when it went up. Only one I’ve see for sale in at least 4-5 years. And I openly was trying to buy an Obsidian during all that time, and no one would sell. But now I need cash :unamused:

Just an idea on the price, I paid $150 just a couple/few weeks ago for it.


Thanks for the explanation. You have an impressive collection.

(Gethin) #13

Yo the thing came yesterday and it totally rules!!! Free bonk, super good prices!


Updated listing 12/25


I can’t say enough good things about the Starfire. Someone should snap that up. Killer modern responsive metal.


Added a SF Ceasefire, but I don’t have it with me right now to add photos

(ClockMonsterLA) #17

Hmm. That obsidian 54 is kinda tempting…


I know right? You should buy it so I’m not tempted anymore.


It’s undersized by today’s standards, as are many older yo-yos, so look at the stats on it first.

(ClockMonsterLA) #20

Actually, I kinda like that it is a little undersized. :thinking: