FS: SF CF Ceasefire, OYYxOD Eclipse


Not trying to deter you, but based on your preferences, this is the opposite. I love the 54, but it is small, not otherworldly stable, and not a “performance” throw by the standards you’re familiar with

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Why did you immediately put your CF up for sale? Did you already receive it? I’m just curious.


I got it in trade. I’m only playing fixed axle this year. The person I traded with wanted something I had, it was equal value so it’s just a wash for me when this sells. I threw it a few times before today and it’s nice, very unique, floaty yet very stable.

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I don’t mind having a couple of less stable One Drops in my collection. I figure the 54 will sit nicely in between my Parlay and my Mantis (in terms of size and performance).


Ceasefire photos


Some still available

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What yoyo is in the bottom right.?? I like that!! I love small yoyos!


That is the Wooly Marmot 2 Prototype

Diameter - 51.67mm
Width - 44.8mm

Can’t remember the weight on these prototypes, will have to weigh it later, it’s around 64g I believe.


Listing updated.


Someone buy that starfire dang you before I am compelled to do so. I already have two!! It’s so great! Get it!



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Sweet!! That is awesome!!


Star fire is gone



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