FS: Selling Collection, 32 Yo-Yo's


Please Read below:

Sales Only. I will not take trades of any kind has I’m out of the loop these days.

I do not have any orginal boxes
First come first serve


Prices are with shipping, and some cheaper stuff will just be negotiable based on shipping, please PM me for added info + photos when I’m available

All yo-yos cheap enough to vary with shipping price here:
All YYF One Star’s: Great condition: light blue+zerbra sold.
YYF loop = loop720: Great condition
YYJ Classic + Surge + Speed Maker: Great condition
YYJ Lyn Fury + Journey (modified: less responsive now): Great condition
YYF: One
Henrys Coral snake: scuffed yellow rubber side, red side is little scuffed too
YYJ: New Breed, tarnished metal
YYF: Die-Nasty glow in the dark edition: has a weird bump in the plastic
YYF: Counter Attack
YYF: 2.0, scratches on the out side of both hubs in ano
YYF: Boss, no ano: 35
YYF: popstar, black: 25
YYF: Dv888: Super dinged + scratched but it was made in 2010

YYF Genesis Miguel Correa Edition: Scratches + Dings in the ano: 75 55
CLYW x C3 Yoyo, Chief x H5: few tiny bumps one tiny scratch: 85 60 50
SPYY Supra: one tiny dent: 90 70 55
YYF Yuuksta: couple rim scrapes: 50 40
YYF Supernova USA 7075: sleight scrape + tiny dent on one hub: 75 55
YYF Hectic Purple + Green: 50 40
YYJ Destiny + Original Takeshi Dice: couple good dings on the inner metal rings: 50 40 30
YYJ Atmosphere: slight tarnish: 45 30
YYJ Sr-71: metal is tarnished: 45 30

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more photos

Popstar still up?