FS: Rare Marbled Black Knight, Axiom


Long story short, I’ve been nailing down my collection to the vitals, and am getting rid of a lot of stuff. All the stuff below is for sale, no trades. Negotiations implied, paypal preferred. PM me or email me at johnnarum@gmail.com if you have any questions on any of these throws. Pic links are listed under throw descriptions. Any person making any more than $30 will receive free goodies as well.

Pictures link for all throws:

Yo-yo Sale

4. Rare YoyoJam Purple Marbled Black Knight $15 Shipped

No cracks on hubs, great playing condition, rims show use, but good overall throw.

12. YoyoJam Axiom Copper Color $25 Shipped $20

Great playing condition, smooth, has marks shown in picture but still has smooth grind feel.


Bump - Everything in album sold except what is shown in this edited post.

30 shipped takes all.


emailed you-

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