FS: Anti-Yo Fluchs, Hot-Yo Chili Yo, Fiesta XX, More


Selling most of the collection, paypal only, details below. PM or email at johnnarum@gmail.com for any offers.

For Sale

[b]3. Hot-Yo Chili Yo $30 Shipped/b]

Thrown a couple times, has 2 mini cosmetic flaws on rings. Needs replacement Dif-pads

3. YoyoJam Equinox $15 Shipped

Equinox plays well, as marks on rims from play but no feel-able scratches.

4. Dif-eyo Tank $35 Shipped obo

Plays well, has some scratches of ano fade, but no dings.

5. 2X YoyoJam Black Knight $25 Shipped

Rare purple marbled Black Knight, capless black colorway. Both play well.

6. Duncan Original Metal Zero $15 Shipped

Thrown this seldom, both stickers still inside and needs to be fine tuned for play. Great collector’s piece.

(system) #4