FS: Raiser 2.0 Black with Black Rings 40$

Continental US Only, price includes Goods and Services fee and shipping.
Only trade I’m looking for would be a Rose Gold Shutter.

Feel free to send cash offers if you feel my prices aren’t appropriate. No ridiculous offers though please.

TopYo Raiser 2.0 Black on Black -40$ PENDING SALE

If you’ve never owned a bimetal or an inner ring bimetal this is your chance to get one ultra cheap.

One small mark through ano pictured below, not sure how it happened or if it’s always been there, just noticed it when wiping off dust to take pics.

**Gully 7068 - one small mark through ano on rim. Includes original box. SOLD **


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Give me money to buy more yo-yos without feeling bad.

Added Liberty.

Need Bimetal Shutter funds.

Liberty sold.

“Need bi-metal shutter funds”
Don’t we all? I know I sure do

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Bump Gully sold

Bring it up bring it in, let me begin