FS: PLSTC, Crusade, Isotope 2, Answer, Monos, Surveillances, Titanics

Hello, selling the remaining throws I have as I’m no longer in the hobby.
Add $15 for shipping as I’m not based in US. Will take approx 2 weeks to US.
Prices are in Paypal F&F and are negotiable. For G&S pls cover fees. Will take Revolut too.
Here’s my feedback thread: Feedback for Niki
Happy to answer any questions and provide close ups. (Apologies if I don’t respond quickly…)

Role 1:
Coro Co Diesis, mint, string vibe, SOLD
RSO The End Part II, MIB, smooth, SOLD
CLYW Peak 2, mint, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
Duncan FH1 Ti, MIB, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
Duncan AL, MIB, smooth, SOLD
Duncan FH1 AL, NMIB, little string vibe, SOLD
YYR Seventh Heaven, MIB, little fingernail vibe, SOLD

Role 2:
2Sick Crusade, NMIB, smooth, $100
SF Cadence, MIB, smooth, SOLD
YoyoPalace Answer, MIB, little fingernail vibe, $90
SF PLSTC, NM, smooth, $80
Iyoyo Barbarian, MIB, smooth, SOLD
GodTricks Orion, NMIB, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
Iyoyo Titanic, mint, smooth, $200

Role 3:
At Design MoNo 54.5mm, mint, smooth, $150
At Design MONO 56.5mm, mint, smooth, $120
At Design Mono 52.5mm, mint, smooth, SOLD
At Design mono 50mm, mint, little fingernail vibe, $80
At Design Mono Proto, mint, little fingernail vibe, $80
One Drop Kamuraiju, NMIB, little finger nail vibe, SOLD
Iyoyo Titanic, NM, slight fingernail vibe, $140

Role 4:
YJ Chimera, NM, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
TP Colony, few handling marks, little string vibe, SOLD
TP Isotope 2, few handling marks, little fingernail vibe, $200
YYR Draupnir Proto, handling marks, string vibe, SOLD
Mowl Surveil, NM, little fingernail vibe, $50
Mowl Surveillance 7075, MIB, smooth, SOLD
Mowl Surveillance 6061, NM one prick, smooth $150

Strings and Pads:

Project 44 Rayon-Poly White, standard thickness, coar-tex, $30
Project 44 Poly-Nylon Purple or Violet, standard thickness, coar-tex, $20
Standard 19mm Pads 30 pairs for $20 (have lotsss in stock)
(Have around 2 packs for each strings and plenty of pads. Happy to do 50 string bundles or any amount of pads u want)



Wtf peak 2 500$???


I think he means 2nd run peak

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It’s the failure is unknown edition, 25 of those were made and bought for 550 last year (excluding shipping) :sweat_smile:

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sorry to burst your financial bubble but …

its still a peak 2. they dont command the high price of the orginial

no worries, all prices above are obo just saying :slight_smile:

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It depends, I have seen it’s sold 2 sold at 550 and 600 MIB before and 350 for a ding one, also it’s rarely pop up in market. Some buyers can be lucky by having sellers sold cheap due to financial reason. Still, price is quite subjective topic.
But I know @Niki aka monothrows (via IG) used to be quite of a collector so I think he know what’s up


Ah you must not be familiar with this edition or at least what they sell for. Ive seen that exact colorway sell for $550 and another for $600. It is the ONLY peak 2 ive seen with a price tag close to the orginals.

Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:



Is the draupnir proto still available?


@TheBasileus Dm’ed


great seller bump :+1:

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New year bump!!