FS Overthrow, Cadence, Decoy and more!


Gonna try to downsize to one case and recover from PNWR haul lol.

From top to bottom and left to right
YYF GenXs 25, MIB
Elite 18, Sold
Decoy, one tiny scratch and one flat spot, 50, fingernaul vibe.
O-Ting 35, M
YYF Overthrow 25, MIB only thrown twice.
Ashigaru, 25, one scuff no ano break, fingernail vibe.
Cadence 35, have one near invisible scuff, fingernail vibe

Price is f&f and shipped in CONUS, Bundle any two for another $10 off,
PM for more pictures

LF: Grail, Quail, Hawk, Ace-yo Gravitation 7075, Akita, Slepnir, OD ultra light and lego SE, will add cash for more expensive stuff.

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Bundle dealz and price drop





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