FS/FT Cadence, Overthrow and others


Overthrow, MIB, 35, thrown only handful of times.
GenXs, MIB, 30
Cadence, M, have tiny marks that don’t break anno, 45
O-Ting, M.
Elite 18, M

If it doesn’t have a price its trade only, of course you can still offer.

LF: Grail, Hawk, Ace-yo Gravitation 7075, Akita, VTWO KuntoshQV, iceberg w/ rainbow rims, YYR and TP stuff and in general other stuff I haven’t tried, can add cash if fair.!

LF: SFYOYOS SF / Cadence


(ClockMonsterLA) #3

I think your Banshee is actually an Elite.


whoops, thanks


Took Hummingbird down for the moment because of new damage :stuck_out_tongue:

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