FS ONLY! YYR, Duncan, & 3YO3. Take everything for $175

WretchedRapture’s BST
Ships within the US only. Sorry, guys. Please message me with offers. All prices include shipping. If you want a better look, let me know! Will do bundle deals if you’re interested in multiples.

Also! Currently looking to trade a 2010 Black Noctu for a Blue OG Noctu. My Noctu has some dings, so I can add cash or extras to even the deal. PM me for pics.

Wants List:
Deadly Spins Wrath (Will Trade Big!)
Sengoku Hattori
ILYY Noctu (Blue OG Candy Blast)
FD Stale Bread
FD Rooster
DocPop Weekender
CoreCo Alleycat 650B
A-RT 420 Lite

For Sale or Trade

YYR Sputnik Near mint. $145 shipped. Got a good deal on this through the BST, but not my cup of tea, so I’m passing the savings along to someone new! Small, very fine scratch on rim. Not feel-able. Will post pictures soon. I will do an even trade for a near mint Wrath.

Duncan Counter Punch Mint. $25 Shipped. The name is perfect for this thing. Suprisingly powerful, but feels compact in the hand.

3YO3 AL5 $40 Shipped. I bet you haven’t heard that brand in a while! Aluminum version of Landon Balk’s Ti5 titanium. Light and fast. Super torn about letting this one go. It’s been in my collection for years, but I never throw it. I figure there’s a collector out there who will make good use of this one. Light scratches on either rim (pictured, sorry for the focus). Scratches are not feelable, so they may come off with some effort.


@jeduardo Exit 8 for a steel


Interested if you can ship to Canada

PM sent

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Price drop on Sputnik!

Hey I’ve got a wrath I’d trade for the sputnik. It’s got a few flat spots but plays well.
I don’t check the forums much anymore but hit me up on facebook or instagram and I can send some pictures for ya.
fb: Arthur Foley
insta: arthurfoley

I don’t think ya ready for this bumpin’. I don’t think ya ready for this. My thread is too bumpalicious for ya babe.

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