FS only/ Werrd Split D, 3yo3 bassline, Hspin,

This link shows every single yoyo I own at the moment, and is updated every time I get something new.

looking for paypal payment mainly, do not offer yoyo trades

3Yo3 Bassline $45 shipped Some tiny nicks, very smooth and feels like the weight is spread evenly over the whole shape of the yoyo,

Werrd Split Decision couple of pinpricks on the inside, $70 shipped

Hitman Pro, pretty smooth and mint, didn’t come with a box, but I’ll throw my YYJ classics box in with it since they’re the same I believe. $30 shipped

Hspin Envy #146 a nick or two on the rims, plays long sleep. $45 low vibe, fantastic finger grinds

Hspin Envy64 #899 a flaw to love version, 1 ding on each rim, and has heavy vibe/wobble but is indeed playable. pictured next to the original envy, note the thinner rims, ~2-3mm wider finger gap and overall a 1-2 mm smaller overall width $35 shipped

Hspin Icon, lots of marks/nicks, minor vibe, plays lovely and fairly unique feel in a “classic” shape throw. $35 shipped

SPYY Trainwreck, only satined on that flat spot, nicks on the edges, close to smooth, setup with 1 pad which works okay, I’m not that familiar with the perfect pad setup. great comfortable shape for 5A. $45 shipped.

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