FS Only: Deadly SpINS Greed Prototype (Extremely Rare)

Hey everyone!

I’m putting up for sale one of my most rare pieces in my collection. This is a Deadly SpINS Greed Prototype. There aren’t many of these and as far as I know less than 5. This one however is 1/1 given a custom anodize by my anodizes. One of the nicest looking anodizes plus an extremely rare yoyo from a once rising company. This yoyo may or may not ever make it to production So this is one of your only chances to own one.

This is the first that has ever been for sale. With that being said I have no precedence to set a price so I’m looking to entertain Offers: I have no problem keeping it but the need for money is always a priority.

So if you’re interested message me with a Cash offer. I won’t entertain any trades unless it’s well in my favor.

Click picture to see bigger