Protoypes (DV8, E1NS), ILYY, Anti-Yo BSP, H.Spin, Luchador, + Other Rare throws FS/FT

Hey guys! Im less of a collector than I used to be, so im selling some of my rarer stuff that isnt going to get used a ton.


1: Buzzon DV8: This is an original Buzzon Proto. Before the limited run. No Pogs (has no number as its pre run) This is the yoyo that the DV888 is based off. Its crazy fast playing and very rare. Used Condition, one rim has a ding - SOLD!!

2: Prototype YYF Mosquito good condition - No Branding! Super tiny! - $55 PENDING

3: Prototype ILYY E1NS - very good condition - $95


1: Anti-Yo BSP in all Silver: has some surface scratches, never been “sparked” so rims are clean. - TRADED

2: ILYY WASABI first run - Mint - SOLD

3: YYF California Custom Candy Blasted by ILYY -Mint- $115

4: Throwdown Luchador - near pefect condition - $165 PENDING

4: Born Crucial first run Milk -Mint - PENDING TRADE

5: BrokenYoYos Plug-in 3 Raw, light scratches - can probably be polished out. (clean - no engravings) - SOLD

6: AnY Excalibur black (very good condition) - $55 PENDING
7: AnY Excalibur Blue (had dings from 3a) - $45 PENDING

8: AnY Freerider 1 Pink - very good - $75
9: AnY Freerider 2 Green - very good - $75

44:Recreation Stardust red/gold - like new - $115

Not as rare/mad lame:
1: Audley L3 - $45
2: YYJ x-convict all black no caps - very good - $25
3: YYJ Speed Maker (one is white and blue, one is all light blue) - $20 ea, $30 for both
4: YYF Boss first release color (world 08 run) gray/purple - like new - $45
5: YYF C13, like new - SOLD

Add $10 for shipping + paypal (preferred). Will consider combination deals. Will do trades, especially for one drop nickel plated throws. All prices negotiable!

I can take detailed pics as needed. Itd be a lot of pics to list all of them. Here my collection, which has pics of most:

If you see something not listed, feel free to ask/make an offer.

I dont have feedback here, but did over 100 trades on YYN and Daves with all positive (and one neutral, lol) feedback.

All yoyos will come with a cool little surprise or two as well.



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Bump, couple price drops

Updated, reduced e1ns price.