FS Olny, Hitman, Speeder, both with KK's (Really low prices)

(Raphael) #1

Speeder w/ KK $30, black no caps
Hitman W/ KK $25, Black W/ Caps!

This is a great deal, I Have not worked out shipping prices yet I will probably have them soon


hey i have a modded lyn for the hitman if you want pics just type modded lyn in the search engine. The things i did to it was reprofile silli both sides weight rings and lowered centre weight. but do you have any pics

(Raphael) #4

Sorry its for sale only,
I can get pics up soon, my camera appearantly wants to play a game of hide and seek


would you trade the hitman for a legacy and 3$.the legacy is mint and can i see some pics of the hitman.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #6

omg i want hitman so bad but dont have any money :’(

(Raphael) #7


speeder left, common great condition and it is only 35 shipped with a konkave bearing!

(system) #8