FS: OD Virtuoso, OD Kraken, OD Eclipse, CLYW Metal Yeti, ART Woofa+, YYF Singularity

Hi all - selling some throws to get some cash for new ones (specifically, G2 in case you’re interested in trades - I’m happy to do 2 for 1’s or add cash to trades if any of these interest you). Prices are shipped

The throws I’m putting up are:
OD Eclipse - $(sold)
OD Virtuoso - $70
OD Kraken - 50 CLYW Metal Yeti - (sold)
ART Woofa+ - 40 UNPRLD Recognition (sold) YYF Singularity. - (sold)

OD Virtuoso - chocolate brown color - mint - $60
I just don’t play with it enough and it’s too good to just sit around

OD Kraken - Plantera Colorway - $50

Thrown only a handful of times. The bearing did seem a bit loud when I did a test throw just now though so I’d be happy to clean it for you if you’d like

CLYW Metal Yeti - silver - mint w/ box and pin - $45

ART Woofa+ - subtle green fade - mint (but no box) -$40

(shot of the yeti and woofa together)

UNPRLD Recognition - orange - nmtbs - $sold

I couldn’t find any damage but I’ve thrown this one a bit.

YYF Singularity - pink/blue splash - $40 a really good throw (at least to my mind) but it does have some damage on the rims (pictured).



Recognition sold

Added a virtuoso for sale

Added a CLYW Metal Yeti and ART Woofa+

Singularity sold

Metal Yeti Sold

eclipse sold

Here are the remaining throws! If you have questions or want more info please just hit me up!

Prices are shipped CONUS via paypal

OD Virtuoso - $70

OD Kraken - 50

ART Woofa+ - 40

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