FS/FT: OD Virtuoso, OD Kraken,

Hi All -

These throws don’t get enough love so I’m putting them up for sale. All are mint (or maybe nmtbs because of my OCD) and have only been thrown a handful of times. Please reach out if you have any interest! Prices are shipped CONUS

Trade interests = organics or things by G2, a-rt, or freshly dirty (will add cash or have other throws that could help make the arrangement even)

OD Virtuoso - Brown - $60

I love this thing, it seems refined and able to do just about anything. The chocolate brown is also a classy and elegant add for it

OD Kraken - Plantera Colorway - $45

SUCH a fun yoyo! I just don’t love the colorway so I hardly ever pick it up.

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I liked to read gooseBUMPs books as a kid. Didn’t you?

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Do the BUMPty!

Ever seen a car with a rubber case around the license plate to protect it from someone hitting them while parking?

Pretty sure those are called BUMPshocks.

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bump it up? please?

Bumpin’ uglies… wait, that’s not right…!

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Bump - with a price drop! If anyone knows how to edit my original listing, can you please let me know?

new price - Virtuoso = 55, Kraken = 40

They honestly both play beautifully - dead smooth and mint with box!

Hit the edit button, it looks like a pencil

I only have one at the top - and that only shows my revision history. There isn’t one at the bottom of my post… :frowning:

Click it, then click the edit button at the bottom of the pop up thingy

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