FS: OD, YYF, G2/Art, Unspoken for sale

Hi all - Have some good throws that get left alone more than they should. Feel free to pm for more shots or info but everything is mint (or maybe nmtbs) with the exception of the singularity and the murmur. Everything plays wicked smooth though and all have the original box and/or goodies except for the murmur. Not sure what to ask on some of thse so feel free to offer. All reasonable offers will be entertained!
Here’s the list - photos below
OD Eclipse
OD Virtuoso
YYF Singularity
G2/Art Life
CLYW Metal Yeti
OD Kraken
Unspoken Murmur - SOLD

OD Eclipse - teal - $Offer

OD Virtuoso - chocolate brown $Offer

YYF Singularity - blue/pink splash (damage on the rims pictured) $Offer

G2-Art Life - berries and cream - $150 - full disclosure, not sure if I want to sell this. Would welcome a trade for a life in the caribbean colorway though

CLYW Metal Yeti - silver - $40

OD Kraken - plantera colorway - $50
(Kraken and yeti pictured together)

Unspoken Mumur - dark green - one pinprick pictured but plays dead smooth $35

here’s the picture of the pinprick:

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Pm sent

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