FS: OD Overture, 2Sick Knight (Price drops!)

(Justin ) #1

Selling a couple of throws for some cash.

Price includes shipping within the US (only shipping within the US). There is a little wiggle room with the price if you want to negotiate. Price also includes Paypal G&S fees (Paypal only). For any further information, pictures, or opinions, feel free to reply to me or PM me.

OD Overture: $45 MIB

2Sick Knight: $65 NM (one small nick)

Sengoku Kenshin: GONE

Bundle Deal: $100 for both!!

(Jacob Waugh) #2

Is that the brass ring knight?

(Justin ) #3

Yes! :innocent:


How did you end up with that unusual half-swap on the knight?

Also the Puff Adder is a very nice bell shaped yoyo. If you like :bell: shapes and want something regular sized, it’s a good call!

(Justin ) #5

I got it off of the Reddit BST. IMO the colors work really well together, especially since the orange half has stripes of pink.
Both of these yoyos play very well, they just don’t suit my style. Also, the Puff Adder has a smaller than average diameter, making it not so comfortable for someone with big hands like me.


Yeah that’s funny I was gonna call the puff adder “small” but wasn’t sure if I should. It is slightly undersized relative to modern yoyos.

(Justin ) #7

OD Cabal added! :slight_smile: :frowning:


PM sent for Puff Adder

(Justin ) #9

speed bump :slight_smile:
speed bump pt.2

(Justin ) #10

Kenshin Added!!

(Justin ) #13

Overture added!! Get your dealz here :smiley: