FS: Minute, TFL, 8g Itouch 2g, Calipers.


I am selling a iTouch. it is the gen 2, and I have the latest and best firmware :slight_smile: It is 8 gigabites, and it has a small crack that doesn’t affect the screen besides sitting there and mocking you.
The Headphone jack likes to be mean. It workds with some headphones, and doesn’t with others. I’ll give you a pair that works with these :slight_smile:

Has a bunch of apps (20 bucks worth) already.

The back looks really gross but it is much less gross in person haha :slight_smile:

(all pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/54956281@N06/?saved=1 )

Werrd Minute.
Blue as you can see :slight_smile: Very near minty. Two extremely small white scuffs that don’t break the anno. Amazing pocket throw, I don’t want this to go but I REALLY want a longboard.
50 Shipped
Small vibe that came with it! Almost forgot :stuck_out_tongue:
By born2curl at 2010-09-14

A werrd tfl…

the grinding surface is unidentified… it feels exactly like nickel but doesn’t wear down. Offer. Near mint. NO DINGS. some Very small spots. No vibe, comes with spacer set.

Colbalt Calipers
EXTREMELY ACCURATE. It is so crazy :slight_smile:
25 shipped I’ll say? Comes with the case :slight_smile:

By born2curl at 2010-09-19

cashey money
New werrds.
Split D
thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:
PM me for any questions


Just as a word of warning, if you buy the ipod touch with the apps, unless you have his account, or unless they are free, you will NOT be able to update the apps (you would have to purchase them again under your account in order to do so). This means that a new firmware might come out that would break your apps because they are not up-to-date. This is not meant to repel customers, I just want to advise them that the apps may not be that great of a thing to base their final decision on.


not to jack your thread, but this is worth $100 AT THE MOST. now it has a crack on the screen, so its around $60


Well I lowered it, I was told the retail was different. Ok :slight_smile:


Nickel (?) TFL added and calipers added


Bump. I will put a blu silicone case on the iPod if someone buys t.

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