FS: MINT YoyoFactory 888X

Im really looking to get rid of this yoyo this week, so from now until the end of the week, I’ll do $55 SHIPPED anywhere in the U.S

I’ve got a MINT Condition 888X w/o box. I’ve had it for a couple months, and just don’t throw it as much as much as I would like, so I’d like to get it to someone who will.

If you’re international, you’ll have to cover extra shipping expenses.

PM me with any questions or offers.

Why are you using my 888 picture in you BST post

Because it’s the same yoyo and I’ve barely thrown it so the picture is representative of the yoyo now, and it was better than any camera I have. Would you like me to take your pic off?

No I’m sorry I forgot I sold the 888 to you I guess it slipped my mind sorry Great buyer easy to deal with

It’s all good and thanks!


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