FS: Micro Mo Proto, YYF Flight Bundle, more.

Trying to pick up some extra money before a trip this next weekend

The pictures below include shipping prices. Paypal preferred.

Pic 1:

1) Micro Mo - near mint condition, no damage
2) X-con Bundle, clean xcon with character on side has hubs on cap, other is rare red marble x-con with custom caps made by YYJ’s owner’s son $30 Shipped
3) YYF Flight Bundle - All in great condition, slight scuff on one of Flights
4) Dark Magic $30 - Scuffs on Rims but rare colorway, plays amazing

Pic 2:

  1. Speeder - GONE
  2. YYJ Unleashed Pair - thrown three times each $20 Shipped
  3. Bigger Ben - Near mint condition, Spinfaktor HG - worlds edition 2005, Spinfaktor 2 $30 Shipped

Inbox me via YYE forum or email me at johnnarum@gmail.com if interested or if you have any questions.

Much love,

  • John N

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