GONE. Mods Please Delete :)

[s]Like to trade everything below for one throw. Accepting any offers. Would sell bundle for $50 shipped as well. Details of what’s here listed below…

YYJ Surge. Near Mint to be safe. Put in a YYJ spacer to keep it from snagging like these tend to do.
Butterfly XT. Near Mint. It’s just a little XT. Cheap and fun.
YYJ X-Convict. Beat. Sanded down the rims, superglued a crack in the hub. No caps. Plays surprisingly well and is just comfortable to throw around.
Magic N8. Couple scuffs, no real damage. Very solid little throw.
Pro Z. Near Mint. Have both axles. Pulled out one friction sticker to make it less snappy.
20 Kitty Regular Yellow
Red 5A Dice
2 Flat C bearings and 1 Flat A bearing.

That’s it! PM me with any and all offers![/s]

Bump. Offer any and everything folks, like to find a new home for these this weekend.

Bump. Today only I’ll throw in an extra 10 Kitty strings for National YoYo Day!

Bump. Make an offer, very open to most anything.