FS: Loop 900 pair, DTI Bassboost, Painted FHZ,and C4

Alright, I’ve got some stuff that I just dont use anymore so im putting them up for sale/ trade. Thanks for looking!

Loop 900 Pair: These are used but very much mint and have not been thrown more than a few times.

DTI Bassboost: I don’t really want to let this go because I got it custom annodized and it’s fun to look at. However, it just doesnt get enough use. It’s mint other than the machine marks and vibe that comes with almost all Bassboosts. The vibe is pretty noticable but I don’t mind it.

Painted FHZ: This FHZ is white with blue, pink, and yellow speckles. Very cool looking and mint as well. It has some vibe but it doesn’t affect play IMO. It also takes silicone.


Zekkio C4: The is a very unique looking throw. It has several rim marks on it from hitting the ground and one of them is pretty sharp. Nothing a little polishing couldn’t fix!

Thanks again for looking! Please keep offers to PMs!  :slight_smile: