FS: JO, Axiom, Bad Rep, 07 888 LF: Cash ($140 shipped for all!)

ok, so I overspent a little too much, so I’m selling these to get some cash back.

Everything for $230 shipped!!Everything for $140 shipped!


yep, these yoyos

2WEI- gone

I have this 07 888. It’s got some damage, but the biggest ding has been sanded smooth, some damage othrwise. The stacks are some of the smoother ones I’ve used. There is also little to no vibe. One side of the response is stock, the other is red RTV. It never came with the OG stacks, so it has clear ones.
Pics coming soon
$55 shipped



Next up is my BBYY Juvenile Offener. Great yoyo, and pretty smooth. There’s a few tiny dings, but nothing that affects play in the least. Fun yoyo
$56 shipped


Rec Rev Bad Rep. This yoyo is fun. It’s heavy and about the size of an 888. It has flat spots along the rims, but nothing bad at all. Fresh Silicone
$40 shipped

Luchador - gone


Next up is my Axiom. It has a few pinpricks and 2 scratches. It’s smooth. It’s a great yoyo, I just don’t use it as often as I would like to.
$59 shipped

Essence - gone

I’m not too interested in trades as I’m trying to get some cash back. IF the offer is good enough, I may consider.

I ship in priority boxes with tracking.

US only please
paypal only

I also have 22 feedback over at yyn