FS: IQ, Shutter, & More!

Looking to make some room in my case! Will offer bundle deals on multiples.


  • SPYY Addiction
  • A-RT Quail
  • Atmos Noah
  • Freehand AL Small Bearing

For Sale / Trade:

YYF IQ - Near Mint - $65 Shipped
Found one pinprick on the rim that’s hard to spot - colorway hides damage well. Absolute beast of a throw, but too solid for my tastes. For the old heads, It reminds me of a modern day Superstar.

YYF Shutter - Near Mint - $25 Shipped
Two very light scuffs / spots if you look hard enough - could be mistaken for ano flaws.

YYF Flight - 4A Wear - $20 Shipped or $10 Add-On
Light 4A wear and some craze lines / light cracks around the axle hub. Still plays smooth as far as a Flight is concerned.

Adegle Deneb - 4A Wear - $20 Shipped or $10 Add-on

Duncan Plastic FH1 - Mint - $20 Shipped or $10 Add On
Only thrown a few times. Great if you’re into small bearings or responsive!

C3 Initiator - Mint AFAIK - $15 Shipped or $5 Add On
Glow-in-the-dark translucent yellow colorway. IMO plays like a more solid Loop 720 with longer sleep time due to a wider gap. Only selling because I own three of these, and I only have two hands.

Duncan Hornet (Pair) - Near Mint - $15 Shipped or $10 Add On
Half-swapped translucent orange and yellow pair. Half swap is great for learning flips. Listing as near mint as I noticed a couple marks on the cap / rims - could just be mold markings from the factory.

Adegle Asteroid - Scuffed Rim - SOLD
Great cheap throw with an interesting shape - could benefit from fresh response.

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